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I'm new and thought I'd introduce myself! Sorry If I end up rambling..I tend to do that...a lot.

Name: Carrisa (Female)
Age: 23 (4/4/1982)
Where I live: Weatherford, Tx

I've known and loved Rasputina for well over 4 years now...and just recently noticed how popular they are getting. I even got my Best Friend obsessed with them!
I love them yet have not yet been to a concert..if anyone hears of one in the Texas area any time..please let me know!
I'm also into Japanese rock...but that's another story.
I love corsets..and I am having a very hard time finding any that are VERY old that I might be able to buy..I'm also wanting a top hat..also antique. I have found some..but the price is just frightning. OO

Blah blah blah...anyways..yea, this is me...and thats
Hello everyone!
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